Item# 9781594172311
Author: Marc Fromager. PB, 164 pages. After a bloody 20th century for Christians, the 21st remains onerous for those who face minority status in many places. In fact, an estimated 200 million Christians worldwide – that is, one out of every ten – suffer some form of persecution for their faith. For many, there is a price to pay for being a follower of Christ. In Christians in Danger, author Marc Fromager offers a personal account of his experience in twenty countries where the future of Christians is anything but certain. He explains the historical and political situation of these Christians and describes the day-to-day tensions they face. With neither anger nor complacency, he leads us to a greater awareness of their sufferings and reminds us that we are still living in “the time of the martyrs”. But his message is not one of doom-and-gloom pessimism. Yes, Christians are in danger in many countries around the world, and yes, there are reasons for hope. This book takes a look at both. In this book, Fromager walks alongside many well-known “underground” Christians in countries like Saudi Arabia, where the Catholic population is fifteen times larger than it was thirty years ago, but where everything is absolutely forbidden: no churches, no Bibles, no rosaries, no crucifixes. Everything is done in secret. He also takes you to places like the Philippines and France, where Christianity is well established, but where the situation is steadily eroding. These accounts will make you grateful for your own freedoms and will inspire you to pray for and support those brothers and sisters in the Faith who cannot rely on such freedoms.
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