Item# 9780819874146
Compiled by Judy Cozzens. 208 pg. PB

Amid the business of homework, team practices, dates, and friends, it’s often hard to find a place for prayer. But take the time to develop a relationship with God, and you will find in him a life-long friend - a confidant who listens to your anxieties, your dreams, and your deepest feelings, who loves and supports you no matter what.

Teens searching for a deeper connection with God in their lives have filled this book with prayers they have written to God and to the Saints and traditional prayers that they find particularly meaningful. Let their personal prayers and insights into your heart - they will guide you to a closer relationship with God in your daily life.
  • Great resource for parish youth groups or pastoral counselors
  • Ideal graduation or confirmation gift
  • Terrific for teens seeking spiritual growth and nourishment through prayer-and for the parents who love them!
    Judy Cozzens is a long-time volunteer for NET (National Evangelization Teams) Ministries, is an international youth ministry that is committed to challenging young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church. Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, NET Ministries offers training in youth evangelization and leads retreats for more than 70,000 teens each year.
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