Item# 9780870610639
Author: St. Thomas Aquinas. 3,077p. HB, 5 vol. set.

All serious theological roads lead to St. Thomas Aquinas. For a complete education in the Faith, eventually you must end up here, at his Summa Theologica.

Aquinas is the standard of theology the Church places before us. Isn't it time to bring him into your home and let him become your own personal teacher?

Keep the wisdom of the Church's greatest theologian at our fingertips.

Dip into these pages like an encyclopedia of the faith.

Topics include
  • The existence of God
  • How we know God
  • Free will
  • Happiness and how we attain it
  • Love, hate, fear, lust, anger
  • Natural law
  • Sin and its causes
  • Prayer
  • The Incarnation
  • The Virgin Mary
  • And literally thousands of other topics!
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