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Author: Michael C. Buccino. 72 pg. PB.

Contains the Fifteen Mysteries (Joyous, Sorrowful and Glorious). Does NOT contain the Luminous Mysteries.

A top favorite of young children and adults! Booklet includes over 200 original black and white illustrations (one for each bead!) by the late Mr. Michael Buccino. The artist began these drawings to help his children meditate more easily on the Rosary. “I came up with the idea that if they had a book with pictures it might keep their minds on meditating while they were praying and would be better able to concentrate on the Rosary. So I got started working on the Rosary Album, which took me 18 years to put together. The book has brought the rosary to life.” There is a picture and scripture verse for each bead. The Litany of Our Lady (with illustrations) is also woven into each mystery.
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