Item# 9781612618951
Subtitle: Teresa of Calcutta: A Secret Revealed

Author: Fr Paul Murray. 128 pg. PB.

"To be in love & yet not to love, to live by faith and yet not to believe. To spend myself and yet to be in total darkness." --Teresa of Calcutta

The world was shocked when the letters of Mother Teresa were published for the first time. The media focused attention at once on the unexpected phenomenon of darkness in the life of the saint - the astonishing revelation that, for decades, Mother Teresa had struggled mightily with belief in God. To some, this seemed to lend support to the arguments of the “new atheists.” But what we are offered in this beautiful book is, at last, a serious grappling with the deeper meaning of her darkness, a work of sharp and unusual insight, written by someone who knew her.

In this intimate look at her “private writings,” Paul Murray illumines the meaning of a life which is only now beginning to be understood.

I Loved Jesus in the Night is one priest’s compelling account of meeting with the saint of Calcutta. Sharing anecdotes and first-hand experiences, Paul Murray offers a glimpse into why Mother Teresa could declare, in one of her letters, that if ever she were to “become a saint,” she would surely be one of “darkness.”

This very personal yet powerful book is an attempt to come to terms with the dark night experiences endured by Mother Teresa in the light of the Gospel and the mystical teachings of St John of the Cross. And something else as well ... revelations of Mother Teresa’s sense of humor!
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