Item# 9780895553225
Author: Msgr. Patrick O'Hare, LL.D. 378p. PB

This book is a sobering, eye-opening, record-straightening analysis of the life, thought, and work of Martin Luther (1485-1546). One of the most influential and controversial figures of all history, Luther has been portrayed by his followers as something quite opposite from what he actually was. But to set the record straight, Msgr. O'Hare, in the early part of the 20th century, delved into the extensive Luther research, mostly by Protestant writers, that had emerged in the latter half of the preceding century, and from his readings has come this masterful, popularly written expose of Luther and his work. Not one important aspect of Luther's life and work remains unexamined, but in the process, the picture of the man that emerges is anything but complimentary--yet all is documented, and much of it in his own words, those of his contemporary Protestant associates, or quoted from eminent Protestant historians.
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