This series of Catholic religious books is all about Eucharistic spirituality and the saint's deep love for and devotion to Jesus. Deepen your appreciation for this sacrament of love. Each book is small and can be taken anywhere for a quick glance or devotion while traveling.

Vol 1 The Real Presence A collection of sermons dealing with the Eucharist. Leads to a better knowledge and deeper love of Christ in the Eucharist.

Vol 2 Holy Communion Concentrates on how to attend Mass meditatively, to make a better Communion, a more perfect thanksgiving, and much more. A real gem of a book.

Vol 3 Eucharistic Retreats Four different retreats in an atmosphere of silence and solitude. Treats of the spiritual life and of the intimacy of mystic union found with Christ.

Vol 4 The Eucharist and Christian Perfection (1) Two retreats focusing on the beatitudes of the sermon on the mount. Encourages living on earth the happiness found through Jesus in the Eucharist.

Vol 5 The Eucharist and Christian Perfection (2) A retreat preached by Fr. Eymard to his own Blessed Sacrament religious. Leads one to understand a deeper state of conversion.

Vol 6 A Eucharistic Handbook Reveals the practical character of Saint Peter Julian Eymard in counseling a better understand of Jesus as the prime mover in the sacrament, the principle of growth in the Christian life.

Vol 7 Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Contains 31 meditations on our Lady and the Eucharist, that have the capacity to increase one's reverence for Mary in her relationship to the sacrament. Good devotional book for the month of May.

Vol 8 Month of Saint Joseph Saint Joseph is the model for Eucharistic adoration. Contains 31 meditations on his life and virtues and how to imitate him. Good devotional book for the month of March.

Vol 9 In the Light of the Monstrance A summary of Saint Peter Julian Eymard's writings and teachings compiled in logical order. Includes fundamental devotions. .
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