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Author: St. Thomas Aquinas. 336 pg. PB

Although St. Thomas Aquinas was one of the Churchís most intellectually powerful theologians, few know that he also wrote a great deal thatís well within the reach of ordinary believers. In fact, as youíll find in these pages, St. Thomas had a remarkable ability to communicate the Faith - including both its most complex and its simplest elements - in plain language.

Here youíll find his deeply insightful, straightforward, and clear explanations of the Apostlesí Creed, the Commandments, and the Sacraments - as well as of the Lordís Prayer and the Hail Mary. In other words, this book will give you a basic course in the Catholic Faith, taught by the Churchís greatest theologian. Let him help you:

Gain a better grasp of Church doctrine

Pray with greater fervor and understanding

Receive the Sacraments more worthily

Learn what God requires of you and why

Explain Church teachings to non-Catholic friends

Discover the scriptural sources of our Catholic Faith

Find remedies for moral weaknesses that still afflict you

Glimpse the greatness of the Churchís supernatural mission

And much more! Above all, let St. Thomas teach you how to explain, defend, and live your Faith . . . with the clear-sighted wisdom of a saint! Learn the Faith from St. Thomasís rich expositions of:

Four reasons why itís reasonable to have religious faith

The most dangerous sin of all (Can you name it?)

Five ways faith enhances life: is your belief as life-changing as it ought to be?

How you may hinder the graces of the Sacraments without realizing it

Baptism: why it shouldnít be put off until maturity, as Baptists believe

Three reasons why you should pray more, even if youíre already dedicated to prayer

Statues and religious pictures: why theyíre not idolatrous, as many non-Catholics claim

Confirmation: why you must be anointed in order to receive the Holy Spirit

Three reasons why all Christians should cultivate devotion to Mary

What it really means to take the Lordís name in vain - and why itís dangerous to do so

Four ways you should respond to Godís words - are you responding as you should?

Two kinds of anger that arenít sinful - and one kind thatís always sinful

ďThou shalt not killĒ: why this Commandment doesnít apply to animals

Why we pray ďThy kingdom come.Ē Do you really know what this means?

Divine and human law: do you know the differences? (Can you explain them?)

Three things you must do on Sunday - and three things you must not do

Hell: what Scripture shows us about what itís really like - and how you can avoid it

Plus much more that was never as clearly and well explained as it is here by Aquinas!
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