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Author: Patrick Madrid. 250p. PB

So why do Catholics... Say Mary remained a virgin?... Refuse to rely on Scripture alone?... Teach papal infallibility?... Worship saints and bow down to their graven images?... Claim the wafer is really Jesus?... And, bottom line, again and again: Where in the Bible does it say..blah blah blah..?...

When some folks have questions about Catholicism, they’re more than merely curious. They want to take a jab at your beliefs as they try to persuade you to accept theirs. Door-to-door proselytizers are trained to ask hot-button questions. They proclaim to know what many Catholics can’t articulate.

Now author, EWTN television host, and noted apologist (that is, defender and teacher of Catholic doctrine) Patrick Madrid has compiled tough questions Catholics face. They are questions he and others have been confronted with time and again.

He presents solid, Bible-based, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-explain answers. Here is how to calmly, charitably, and effectively respond. Discover the answers to some questions you may have wondered about yourself!
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