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Author: Archbishop Luis M. Martinez. 288p. PB

Here is the guide you need to lead you through the maze of careless and imprecise talk that goes around nowadays about the Holy Spirit.

Huge in scope and yet simple and readable, this book covers virtually everything there is to know about the Spiritís role in our salvation - and it does so with a refreshing reliance on Godís Word, not on opinions or subjective visions.

Luis M. Martinez, the former Archbishop of Mexico City, maintains that devotion to the Holy Spirit is not optional: as the Spirit is Godís supreme gift, so your devotion to Him should be profound and encompassing. In beautiful, practical terms, these pages illuminate the difference the Spirit can and should make when Heís given His proper place in your soul.

Martinez explains how ow you should respond to the Spirit, how the Spirit helps you grow in virtue, and the characteristics of true love of the Spirit.

All the actions of the Holy Spirit - in detail

Even more, each of the Spiritís gifts and fruits get detailed treatment here. Martinez shows how each contributes to the maturing of the soul, so that by means of the Spiritís active help, you can conquer your sins, learn how to make proper use of the things of this world, become master of yourself, and fullyrrealize the greatness that is available to you as a Christian. Too good to be true? Sure, it sounds that way - but nothing is impossible for Godís Spirit.

This is an essential guide for everyone who longs to know and love the Holy Spirit more fully
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