Item# 9780764802294
Author: Bishop Fulton Sheen. 95p. PB.

This inspiring book, written by one of Christianity's most prolific authors, discusses faith and the vital part it plays in our modern world. Using the stories of many of those who were influential in the life and death of Jesus, author Fulton J. Sheen gives us a better understanding of, and a fuller meaning to, faith. Recognizing that the challenges and pressures of modern society make it difficult for many to maintain their religious belief, Sheen takes you back to Calvary where he dramatically brings to life brief but penetrating characterizations of many of those who played important roles in the passion story. Their stories teach us about trust, despair, egotism, power, politics, doubt, love, repentance, and more. To those who may be wavering in their faith, he brings comfort and strength. To others, he reaffirms the knowledge that true faith is the most powerful weapon in the world today.
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