Item# 9781627852616
Authors Dick Rice and Trish Vanni. 128 pages, PB. Church basements have long been the home of twelve-step recovery groups, where people who have felt hopeless and alone find new hope and healing in the midst of a supportive community of witnesses who have been there and know that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Sharing coffee and conversation, real recovery begins.

This is much the same witness the early church made when disciples went out forming communities where the gospel was shared and bread was broken. This book, a remarkably fresh and unique take on the Scriptures, shows what could happen if that deeply spiritual sharing moved upstairs, into the body of the church.

The authors, both in recovery themselves, bring their experience, strength, and hope to their reflections on Scripture. Organized loosely around the seasons of the liturgical year, their interpretations shed fresh light and power on stories we ve heard many, many times. Their distinctive viewpoint will strike responsive chords not just with those in recovery, but with anyone who has ever felt out of place, out of step, or somehow set adrift in today s world. Filled with wisdom, compassion, and humor, The Twelve Steps Meet the Gospel is a testament to the hope and joy that Scripture reveals, cast in human terms that speak to us all.
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