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Author: Steve Wood with James Burnham. 175p. PB

This Powerful Book Teaches You the 8 Steps to Successful Fatherhood! The best way to learn how to be the kind of dad and husband you want to be is to discover the eight commitments of St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers – the Catholic men's group dedicated to St. Joseph that has helped thousands of men revitalize their marriages and family relationships. There are actually 8 necessary steps to being a good Catholic husband and father.

If today's men ignore even one of these 8 steps, they simply will not reach their goal! But this highly informative book shows you everything you need to know about successful fatherhood and marriage – especially all the things nobody ever told you before!

You'll learn…

The greatest gift any father can give to his children.
The surest solution to all marriage problems.
What wives really want from their husbands!
One little secret that can transform a marriage almost overnight!
What genuine love really means.
How to rediscover and rekindle your love for your wife – every day!
The supernatural secret for making your love last forever!
How to restore harmony and unity in your family – even with the most difficult children!
The fatal blow that destroys any marriage.
How to eliminate any future need for a marriage counselor.
A powerful secret for strengthening the bond between a father and his children.
What children want most from you – and how to give it!
Ordinary activities you can do with your children that allow God to work in extraordinary ways.
How to find adequate time for your family in today's demanding world.
And much more!


Contains summaries, questions and areas for prayer and accountability. Great for men's study groups.
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